Pascal Roduit

Pascal serves as the Outsourced Chief Market Strategist for Family Fortune Financial LLC, on behalf of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. Pascal is the Chief Investment Strategist at SMArtX Advisory Solutions and is responsible for managing SMArtX’s industry-leading OCIO products, practices, and services. 

He was previously was a senior financial analyst at Mercer Park LP, a family office focusing on the acquisition of alternative investment entities. Before joining Mercer Park LP, Pascal was the chief risk officer and the director of quantitative research for the Rock Maple Funds, a fund-of-hedge-funds manager. At Rock Maple Funds, Pascal developed an investment “roadmap” for hedge fund of funds portfolio construction and risk management, based on the concepts of Omega. Pascal was a frequent speaker at hedge fund conferences, seminars and round table events, both domestic and abroad. Previously, Pascal was the director of risk management at Pine Grove Asset Management. His past experience includes working at JP Morgan Securities; there he developed an investment/risk methodology known as Risk Appraisal Drives Absolute Returns (“RADAR”) and assisted in the portfolio construction process and manager due diligence for the creation of fund-of-hedge-funds products. Earlier in his career, he also developed and expanded the hedge fund advisory services for the bank’s Geneva office. It is at JP Morgan that Pascal developed the “Hedge Fund Cycle Map”, a macroeconomic-based approach to evaluate hedge fund strategy performance. Prior to JP Morgan, Pascal was a fund manager at Deutsche Bank (North America and Southeast Asia Equity Funds), and at Lloyds Bank (Global Fixed Income Fund). At both institutions, Pascal was a member of the investment committee, responsible for the USD denominated managed accounts. 

 Pascal received a BA and an MBA from The American University, Washington, DC.