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Tax Strategy Services in Charleston

Tax strategy services help you keep as much of what you make as possible. Clients see results through annual tax reductions and ongoing tax-advantaged growth. Leverage our experience and stable experts for your business and personal tax burdens.

  • Tried and True Strategies – Techniques that have been used by the wealthiest for years, and they follow the I.R.S. code.
  • Fully Customized – Developing strategies to minimize annual tax and allow for tax-advantaged growth.  
  • Income Generating – Strategies that produce income over time.

What are Tax Investment Strategies?

Tax investment strategies are approaches that consider tax savings when making investment decisions.  This tends to become a focus once the household income crests $1 million.  For business owners or high-net-worth individuals, the tax savings on different strategies or investments make them significantly more attractive as income or capital gains increase.  The focus is high-level and simple – reduce active income, passive income, or capital gains.  We do this in a variety of ways, all of which can be tailored to a client’s individual situation.  We work alongside an existing team or bring our own specialists from a stable of nationwide experts to craft the best outcome possible for the client. 

Benefits of Tax Management Services for Business Owners 

Business owners have even more tools at their disposal to offset annual income and potential capital gains from a business sale. Whether it be a real estate sale, business sale, or booming business, tax management services have an amplified impact. There are also ancillary benefits such as employee retention, special deductions, and tailored self-coverage for high-cost items that allow wealth to accrue and risks to be offset in tandem.

General Guidelines for Tax Strategy Services

Tax investment strategies are powerful tools that show meaningful results almost immediately.  They come in two flavors – strategic, which can be used annually, and tactical, which is used on a one-off basis to round out the annual plan.  Smaller annual tax headwinds significantly help wealth grow. We are committed to:

  • Designing a plan in tandem with your tax professional and team.
  • Optimizing a strategy around your cash flow and annual needs.
  • Leveraging a team of implementation specialists (if needed), such as legal, tax, CFO, insurance, and investments.


Many of the strategies that we employ have been around for decades and are written into the IRS tax code. Most of these strategies do not make sense to start using until someone is earning over $750,000 a year or sells an asset and makes over $1,000,000 in capital gains. We specialize in dealing with these types of clients and educating them on all of their options.  These services have been available within a structure called a family office which typically begins when a family has $100 million in assets or greater. Most larger wealth management firms have a special group that deals with clients at that level and offers them these strategies. However, with increased technology, these services and their benefits are becoming more accessible. 

As verifiable independent advisors and fiduciaries, we can work alongside any financial team. Most advisors are happy to find out what we do once they understand our place because it means that everybody is winning together. From time to time, we run across an uncollaborative financial advisor or CPA. However, with a bit of education, we end up on the same page as they begin to see the professionalism and due diligence of our team.

We charge a flat fee for all our services. As true fiduciaries, we cannot charge commissions. Everything we do is transparent, and any commissions are sent back to the client.

You can click over to our podcasts section and see some of the high-level strategies that we employ. However, the best way to learn more about your situation is to contact us once you feel comfortable, as the results will be more meaningful and tailored to you.

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Family Fortune Financial is a firm focusing on helping our clients to avoid overpaying taxes, hidden fees, and commissions. We hold your hand through the navigation of your taxes, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, and business consultants to provide you with the financial stability you deserve.

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