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Do You Want to Pay Less Tax?

Do you want to pay less tax?The article discusses the importance of effective tax planning and presents three key areas to allocate money: family, charity, or the IRS. It highlights the imminent possibility of higher taxes in the future, especially for individuals with an annual income of $500,000 or more. The article suggests a collaborative process that focuses on tax planning and mitigation as a solution, with an emphasis on being curious, collaborative, and open to complexity. The strategies include deferring taxes through investments like Opportunity Zones or 401(k) plans, eliminating taxes by harvesting losses in stock portfolios, and avoiding a product-based approach. The article emphasizes a conflict-free, noninvasive dynamic that creates an “advisory tax alliance” for the benefit of the client and all professionals involved in wealth management and estate planning.

Click here to read the whole article at Worth.com.


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